Last Sunday 10th of February Replay returned to Madrid’d bull ring in style.

It did so by keeping intact both its non-stop concept and its commitment to position itself at the front of the contemporary electronic music scene, but this time taking a step further by doing it in the square of Las Ventas, one of the most emblematic spaces in the Spanish capital.


The next meeting will take place on Sunday 10th of March and will be formed by a line-up of top international artists, its residents Simon Garcia and Alvaro Medina and the traditional Brunch led by Trueno, an electronic brand from Madrid.

Enzo Siragusa, pure rave culture. Being the creator of Fuse, one of the most iconic and essential electronic brands of the present London, would be enough to cave a whole career out but Enzo Siragusa is also one of the most important artists in the industry thanks to his meticulous attention to details, his impeccable precision and his dynamic sound which is capable of covers from the classic rhythm of the ´90s rave until present.

Catz ‘N Dogz, a prolific duo. It’s a plain fact – close friends Grzegorz and Wojciech have had a stellar and prolific career as the house outfit Catz ’n Dogz. The duo worked their way from humble beginnings to international acclaim, boasting performances at the hottest venues in Europe and abroad, their own record label, chart-topping singles and LPs.

Virginia, a multifaceted artist. DJ, singer, songwriting, producer, there isn’t a facet in the music industry that Virginia doesn’t dominate and that can be shown in every single one of her performances. Hybrid lives in which the artist shows off her great talent, energy and dedication under the shape of a dimensional sound that filter modernity and spontaneous live vocals.

Brunch by Trueno: Caravaca and  Landikhan. In this new season Replay Sunset Parties keeps which has always been one of its biggest attractions, Brunch, always led by national electronic brands giving them visibility and support. This time it will be led by Trueno club, which takes place every Saturday at El Sol, by Caravaca and Landikhan.

// Buy your tickets at Resident Advisor and BClubber. //


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