Citizen is back in its underground home at Maze, in collaboration with forward thinking collective ÉCLAT Crew.

They will be welcoming the Italian live techno performer Vinz Exe from the underground Naples scene, playing his first ever Berlin show, together with talents from Sweden, UK, and Syria.

With their ongoing mission to support and promote gender diversity in electronic music, they are very excited to announce a collaboration with female/trans/non-binary collective ÉCLAT Crew.


Vinz Exe (live) (IT) (Planet Rhythm, Circular Ltd)

Stina Francina (SE) (female pressure, Dark Beauty)

future:remnants (UK) (Sawtooth)

zEn (SY) (Éclat)


Artwork by Nadi Moises

Citizen: Live delivers expertly curated house and techno lineups featuring diverse, high quality electronic music performances at intimate underground venues in Berlin and beyond.

ÉCLAT Crew is a Berlin-based Electronic Music Collective aiming to support the practice of female* trans and non-binary artists through collaboration and cooperation. They have fortnightly music production meetups where participants work on a set music project for an evening and then share their results at the end. It’s a safe space and somewhere where people can experiments and share their new sounds. Expect to see more artists from Éclat at future Citizen events.

Resident Advisor event

Facebook event

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